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Your patients can take your practice home with them! Certainty brochures act as your clinical assistant and can be imprinted with your practice contact information. They reinforce your office discussions and can be passed along by the patient to friends and relatives.

The subject matter varies, explaining procedures, types of chiropractors, conditions, recommended exercises, payment programs, spinal maintenance, research and much more. The Certainty brochures are offered in quantities of 500 or 1,000 and come in a standard brochure-rack size, approximately 3.5″ x 8.5″ folded. Many of the brochures are designed to be handed out at a particular stage of treatment.

For instance, the “Four Essentials of Health” brochure is offered before the initial exam. It repositions chiropractic care as a means to overall wellness. The “Importance of Spinal Maintenance” brochure is offered at the end of the first visit and introduces the concept of regular visits to maintain optimum spinal health. The Certainty brochure series is an indispensable tool to help educate your patients and sell the value chiropractic treatment as an important wellness strategy.

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Certainty ChiroPracticality™ Patient Education Brochures

These brochures are designed to be given to the patient in a specific sequence and at specific times during their treatment. Used this way, these tools give the patient a full understanding of chiropractic principles and help you build a high-volume cash practice. 

Featured Patient Education Brochures

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Additional Patient Education Brochures:

Chiropracticality - Subluxations: A Hindrance to Health
Chiropracticality - The Four Essentials of Health
Chiropracticality - The Importance of Spinal Maintenance
Chiropracticality - Two Types of Chiropractors
Chiropracticality - Chiropractic the Affordable Way
Certainty - What M.D.s Say About Prescription Drug Use
Certainty - What M.D.s Say About Chiropractic Effectiveness
Damaging Effects of Forward Head Brochure
Carpal Tunnel and Double Crush Syndrome
Spinal Stress Screening
Spinal Stress Screening
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