Chiro-Practice Patient Education / Chiropractic Staff Training Packages

Certainty has bundled many of its most popular vibrant Patient Education Tools into various packages. They all deal with a different aspect of Chiropractic, yet within the series is a common chiropractic thread like the “A+ CA Series”, or the “Practice Procedural Series”, or the “Spinal Screening Series”, and so on. Each series comes to you on DVDs, audio CDs, brochures, posters, or a combination of the different media. There’s even a package to jump-start your educational tools with a smattering of products from the various series. The packages are attractively priced, significantly lower than if you purchased each product in the series individually, so your investment is less. They are designed for your practice and your patients. They’ll show you how to add value to your services that your patients can understand and appreciate, and they’ll show you how to practice with certainty.

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Certainty Chiropractic Resource Packages

    Adjusting With Certainty
    Adjusting With Certainty
    Priced at: $ 495.00
    Advanced Training Home Study Course
    Lecture With Certainty Package
    Lecture With Certainty Package
    Priced at: $ 379.00
    Postural and Spinal Correction Rehab Package
    Spinal Screening Package
    Spinal Screening Package
    Priced at: $ 395.00
    The Certainty A+ C.A. Ultimate Training Program

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