Association School Schedule Overview
Association School Schedule Overview
Association School Schedule Overview
Association School Schedule Overview

The CertaintyTM Chiropractic Summit

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A one-day seminar that will help your practive reach the pinnacle of success!

Find out how you can build a thriving family practive that rises above today’s rocky medical landscape.

Prepare for a journey – a journey to CERTAINTY. Besides being an innovative, proven program of practices and procedures, training and techniques, guidelines and goals, CERTAINTY is also a state of mind that empowers you to achieve new heights of achievement in your practice and your personal life. It is a mindset and plan of action that gives you practical tools you can use. Starting immediately, to build a growing practice. The CERTAINTYTM Chiropractic Summit shows you how to take your practice to a higher level of patient visits, profitability, and most importantly, patient satisfaction through predictable results.

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The Certainty Summit Seminar

Dr. Nikitow leads by talking the talk and walking the walk

This is not the typical chiropractic success seminar with non-practicing consultants touting advertising and marketing tactics. The CERTAINTY Chiropractic Summit teaches strategies born from present-day practice experience. Dr. Nikitow has found what works best and is sharing the secrets of his success with all who attend. You will learn step-by-step how to build your own profitable high-retention family wellness practice with continual growth and predictable spinal correction.


Make your practice work for you, instead of you working for it

The CERTAINTY Chiropractic Summit offers the means to manage your patients, your business and your life, whether you see 100 or 500 patients a week.

  • Learn the two secrets rooted in our philosophy and neurology that will build EVERY practice EVERY time.
  • Create lifetime patients by repositioning their perception of chiropractic care from that of a backpain treatment to the crucial restoration and maintenance of nerve integrity.
  • Discover what makes patients commit to care regardless of insurance coverage.


Create your perfect practice by creating perfect patients

The CERTAINTY Chiropractic Summit reveals strategic communication designed to impart essential truths on the patient’s first visit, making lifetime spinal maintenance a priority for their entire family.

  • Replace patient negativity misconceptions, and doubt with commitment, compliance and referrals.
  • Learn to convert each new patient into three by the end of the second visit!
  • Present patient guidelines that maximize compliance and minimize missed appointments and drops.


Achieve consistent results by mastering our spinal correction system and the strategies for conveying its necessity

Dr. Nikitow will show you a unique, full-body 3D system for analyzing patients posture, spine, extremities, cranium and their relation to overall health.

  • Learn how to implement ChirociseTM ChirometrexTM Exercise and Rehab to increase the speed and efficiency of your spinal correction.
  • Use the powerful concept of “Nerve Muscle Memary” to inspire patients need for lifetime spinal maintenance.


Acquire a model for payment plans that maximizes your income

Discover a stress-free approach to payment plans and hear essential cash payment policies.

  • Enable families to get the treatment they need regardless of insurance or financial means.
  • Learn to master payment plan presentation.


About Dr. Nikitow
  • A practicing chiropractor with 30 years of experience who is still practicing
  • Twice named Chiropractor of the Year by the WCA ('94, '08)
  • Originator, innovator and daily practitioner of CERTAINTY System

Dr. Nikitow is known as one of the most successful and experienced DC’s in the profession. He has been practicing with CERTAINTY for more than three decades, while teaching for more than twenty years. Because he is currently practicing at his own family wellness center, one of the largest in the country, he knows what D.C.s are struggling with today and offers valuable guidelines for developing a highly successful, high-retention practice.


Dr. Nikitow is one of the most sought-after experts in the chiropractic profession. He has been practicing for 30+ years while teaching for more than 20 years. Since he still practices today, he knows what D.C.s are struggling with and offers solutions for leading a successful practice.

Dr. Nikitow’s expertise will show you step-by-step how to build your own high-retention, highly profitable spinal-correction family practice with CERTAINTY. The testimonials of past seminar participants speak clearly to the value of Dr. Nikitow’s seminars. They consistently attest to the quality and practical, usable content of the Certainty Seminars compared to other conferences or workshops they have attended.

There are Certainty Seminars designed specifically for State Chiropractic Associations (with CE Credits available in most states) as well as seminars intended for Colleges, Chiropractic Schools, and Students. Review the seminar schedule for upcoming dates and locations or call 1-800-544-3884 to inquire about scheduling a seminar for your state association or school.

A few notes about this seminar that Dr. Dennis wants chiropractors to know:

  • If you're struggling in practice or frustrated and have lost your passion, this one day seminar will change your life. Guaranteed.
  • You'll learn a system that has been working for over 30 years, for thousands of chiropractors, and is even more powerful today.
  • You will learn the powerful steps to building a high-retention high-volume family wellness practice that will continue to grow and thrive with cash payments, so you never have to struggle and depend on insurance again.
  • Your patients will gain so much certainty for you and chiropractic; they will add you to their healthcare team and their entire family, forever.
  • This seminar is guaranteed to reignite your passion and enthusiasm for chiropractic. The practice system you'll learn will enable you to thrive and succeed in any economic environment, and will restore the fun and certainty in your practice.

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Don’t wait. Space Is limited and registrations are on a first come first-served basis.

REGISTER now by calling 800-544-3884 or scroll down and click on a date below!
Register here and receive the FREE DVD, Practicing With Certainty: The Secret Behind a High-Retention Practice with your booking.


Early Bird Registration: $279 (14 day advance rate) includes one D.C. and C.A. staff


$199 for each additional D.C. (from the same clinic)
$49 for a student with current ID


Referral Program:
$100 off your registration for each additional D.C. you refer to the seminar from different offices. With three or more referrals, receive 20% off any products purchased at the seminar.


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