Certainty ChiroCise™ Exercise Brochures

Our ChiroCise™ brochures contain the most up-to-date exercise protocols for the neck and lower back and most other parts of the body. Each pamphlet describes the chiropractic approach to establish uniqueness to chiropractic correction.

The directions list the recommended number of sets and repetitions, so you only have to checkmark the appropriate exercises. There is also a blank area for special instructions if you choose to use it.

There are also two pamphlets designed for company and industry workshops that demonstrate the proper way to lift, carry, push, and pull. They show correct work-chair anatomy and the appropriate way to set up a computer workstation.

All of this information, along with micro-break exercises, is presented in a highly professional, easy-to-understand, beautifully designed pamphlet. They establish you (and chiropractic) as a leader in workplace ergonomics and treatments.

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There are many areas covered within the ChiroCise Exercise Brochures.
We recommend purchasing all the listed below:

ChiroCise Ankle/Foot Exercise Brochure
ChiroCise Carpal Tunnel & Double Crush Syndrome Exercise Brochure
ChiroCise Core Exercise Brochure
ChiroCise Elbow/Wrist/Hand Exercise Brochure
ChiroCise Hip Exercise Brochure
ChiroCise Kids’ Spine and Posture Exercises
ChiroCise Knee Exercise Brochure
ChiroCise Lower Back Exercise Brochure
ChiroCise Neck Exercise Brochure
ChiroCise Shoulder Exercise Brochure
ChiroCise Workplace Ergonomics Brochure

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