Rehab Posters

When doing spinal correction, spine and postural rehab is essential. Most doctors have trouble knowing where to start and what rehab to do for what.

Set up stations using simple inexpensive rehab equipment that patients go to on there own using self guided instructional Rehab Posters at each station. This is ideal for high volume corrective care practices because the patient can do the rehab on their own before or after their adjustment rather than waiting in the reception area.

These Rehab Posters show rehab for all sorts of postural and spinal distortions like neck, low back, scoliosis, kyphosis, forward head posture, whole body vibrational therapy, proprioception balance and more.

If you have a corrective care practice or aspire to have one, these posters will make the job easy. For more in depth instruction on how to do Rehab and Spinal Correction get our DVDs “How to do Postural and Spinal Corrective Care Rehab” and “Adjusting With CERTAINTY” and let your practice take on a whole new direction of success for both you and your patients!

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Certainty Rehab - Back Strengthening on Ball Rehab Poster
Certainty Rehab - Necksys Rehab Poster
Certainty Rehab - Forward Head Posture (FHP) Exercise Options Poster
Certainty Rehab - Wobble Disk Rehab Poster
Certainty Rehab - Shoulder/Pelvis Weighting with Vibration Rehab Poster
Certainty Rehab - FHP Head Weighted Exercise Poster
Certainty Rehab - Back Vibration Rehab Poster
Certainty Rehab - Cervical-Dorsal Standing Traction Rehab Poster
Certainty Rehab - Cervical Traction Rehab Poster
Certainty Rehab - Complete Poster Set
Certainty Rehab - Vibration for Upper & Lower Back Poster
Certainty Rehab - Vibrational Platform Exercise for Spinal Correction Poster

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