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Advanced Training HSC Video Series - How To Do a History and Exam: First Visit

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The first-visit History and Exam is the time to start repositioning patients’ attitudes about chiropractic. They must understand that it is not only a back-pain treatment but also that the chiropractor is a key member on their healthcare team for overall wellness. However, the proper communication sequence is absolutely essential to gracefully accomplish this with maximum impact. In this DVD, you will not only see how to conduct an effective exam, but you will also learn step-by-step communication strategies that help the patient “connect the dots” and understand the need to maintain their spinal alignment. These proven methods encourage patients to add you to their healthcare team for their own wellness and that of their families.

This DVD will show you 10 powerful yet subtle elements to incorporate into the History and Exam that will establish chiropractic as an essential part of health in the mind of the patient. In the “Role-play” video, Dr. Nikitow puts it all together in a live history and exam so you see how it is actually done. In the “Training,” he breaks it all down with another doctor, explaining each part of the procedure and the communication strategy used. You will see why Dr. Nikitow’s first-visit exam is so effective for patient repositioning and why patients make appointments for their families after the initial visit. He fields the most common questions and explains how to deal with the patient mind-sets that every chiropractor faces.

Item #V01 — $159.95
Running Time: 3 hours, 16 minutes
(Role-Play: 34 minutes, Training: 2 hours, 42 minutes)

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