Advanced Training HSC Video Series - How To Do Payment Plans

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In this DVD you will learn to master CASH payment plans and their presentations to patients. Dr. Nikitow has been using these simple, highly successful payment plans for over 25 years in his high volume, family, wellness clinic. These payment plans have worked in every economic environment and are guaranteed to yield you the greatest patient compliance and the highest income of any cash payment plan in the chiropractic world. Dr. Nikitow started the “cash practice” trend in 1987 and was the first chiropractor to bring the high volume-cash practice concepts to our profession in his infamous “Cash Practice Seminar.” While doctors were taking advantage of insurance’s highest reimbursement, Dr. Nikitow built one of the very few 1000 pv/week ALL CASH family practices. He continues to practice a high volume cash practice and has taught over 30,000 D.C.s how to accomplish the same success in his CERTAINTY Seminar.

This DVD will also show you the secrets of how to field the most common questions and how to set up payment plans. Patients will actually see the benefits in paying cash rather than using insurance! A must for building a stable high retention practice.

Item #V04
Running Time: 1 hour, 45 minutes

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