Advanced Training HSC Video Series - How To Do a Report of Findings: Second Visit

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The Report of Findings (R.O.F.) should impact patients’ thinking about their spinal problem and how it affects their overall health and wellness. They must understand your philosophy about healing and see medical research that supports it along with patient testimonials. Recounts of successful spinal correction and its relationship to all sorts of health conditions are powerful persuaders Ultimately, they must see you as a unique chiropractor, one who corrects the spine rather than simply treating symptoms and back pain.

In this DVD, you will see the 10 most important elements of a Report of Findings. These key factors instill value in chiropractic and compel patients to receive care for themselves and their families regardless of insurance reimbursement.

Dr. Nikitow shows you how to do a comprehensive Report of Findings in the live video “Role-play”. You will see how it is actually done. In the “Training” segment, he breaks it all down with an associate, explaining each part of his method and the communication strategy brought into play. You will see why his R.O.F. is so effective for patient starts, family acquisition, and cash payment. He will field the most common questions and explain how to deal with common patient roadblocks.

Item #V02 — $159.95

Running Time: 2 hours, 7 minutes
(Role-Play: 17 minutes, Training: 1 hour, 50 minutes)

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