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The main element in building a successful chiropractic practice is patient education

Seeing is believing. Certainty’s practice video series is the ultimate chiropractic show and tell. Each video is professionally produced and enhanced with graphics and teaching aids.

Dr. Dennis Nikitow, himself, shows you the whys and ways of chiropractic with wit and wisdom, whether it’s adjusting with certainty or how to do a first-visit History and Exam. There’s a video to cover all aspects of your practice.

This eleven CD compendium, available individually or in units, will inspire, teach, answer questions, and solve problems. Watch at home or in your office and discover simple solutions to recurring problems and how to do Chiropractic the right way–the Certainty way.

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Certainty Patient Education Posters:

Is Your Exercise Doing More Harm Than Good?
Without Life Force, Nothing Can Live
Subluxations Are the Dimmers of Life
It Takes Time to Build Sickness
Your Spine Is One-of-a-Kind and Your Health Depends On It
How Would You Treat This Problem?
Spinal Maintenance Requires Four Things
Not Back Pain!
Not Back Pain!
Priced at: $ 34.95
If Drugs are Harmful Enough to Stop When You are Pregnant…
As the Twig is Bent, So Grows the Tree
Get Serious!
Get Serious!
Priced at: $ 34.95
Make Your Childs First Spinal Exam As Important As the First Visit to the Dentist
Is Your Child’s Wellness Care Complete?
Know Your Child’s Posture
Know Your Child’s Posture
Priced at: $ 34.95
Kids Don’t Only Look Like You From the Outside

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