Chiropractic PowerPoint Presentation Slideshows

Bring power to your presentations — and patients to your practice — with these Certainty slideshows. Use these when addressing businesses, support groups, industry luncheons, churches, organizations and other audiences. These slideshows contain powerful up-to-date information, research, X-rays, testimonials and more. Dr. Nikitow uses these in his mega practice to educate people about the need to have a chiropractor on their heathcare team. Edit and customize these files to suit your own needs and those of your audience, or use them as is. These presentations are designed to move patients to make appointments for themselves and their families! Buy them individually as needed, or save money buy purchasing the Master Set at a discounted price. 


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Advanced Training Home Study Course


Powerpoint - Certainty Presentation Master Set
Powerpoint - Maximizing Your Success With Your Chiropractic Program (Chiropractic Orientation Class) Powerpoint
Powerpoint - Beating Stress for Optimum Health
Powerpoint - The Secrets Behind Wellness
Powerpoint - Safe Sitting: Preventing Carpal Tunnel/Double Crush Syndrome
Powerpoint - Taking Care of Your Spine in the Workplace
Powerpoint - Tinnitus: A New Approach to Finally Silence the Ringing in Your Ears
Powerpoint - A New Approach to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Powerpoint - The Secrets Behind Beating Trigeminal Neuralgia Without Drugs or Surgery
Powerpoint - The Hidden Postural Problems that Affect Your Child’s Health
Powerpoint - Conquering Fibromyalgia

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