Chiropracticality - Two Types of Chiropractors

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Two Types of Chiropractors is given to the patient after they view the Pre-Report of Findings video. This tool helps people understand the difference between the two types of chiropractors — the musculoskeletal symptom-treating chiropractor and the traditional wellness chiropractor.

Chiropractic techniques were developed to correct subluxations so the patient would benefit from maximum nerve integrity and have optimum health potential. Back pain is just one symptom that can occur with an affected spine and nervous system interference. Traditional wellness chiropractors correct the spine for improved health, not as a treatment for back pain. After reading this pamphlet, patients welcome spinal correction, not just symptom treatment, and they want you on their healthcare team for lifetime maintenance.

Item #B03 — $24.95 (100 Brochures)

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