The Certainty A+ C.A. Ultimate Training Program

Price: $ 375.00


A Chiropractic Assistant (C.A.) can be an invaluable asset or the biggest detriment in a doctor’s practice. The difference is in the training they receive—and most C.A.s receive very little.

Finally, there is a C.A. course that every chiropractor can use to convert an average C.A. to an A+ C.A. Your C.A.s will be motivated to help you build a high-volume, principled, family practice that can thrive regardless of the economy or insurance reimbursement.

More than nine hours of in-depth training will definitely graduate your C.A. with A+ honors and help to catapult your practice to a higher level of success.

Your C.A. will learn these powerful points:

  • Modern Chiropractic philosophy for the A+ C.A.
  • How C.A.s can add huge value to your practice and promote new patients
  • A+ C.A. procedures for new patients, volume-adjusting, re-exams, progress reports, repositioning, refocusing phone communication, cash payment plan presentation, collections and more
  • Improving patient consistency and compliance to reduce missed appointments and drops
  • Masterful communication for the most common questions and problems patients have
  • Preventing the most common problems at the front desk
  • The secrets to hiring an A+ C.A. and more!

Item #A CA TP— $375

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