Spinal Maintenance: The Key to Optimum Health Potential

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This poster communicates the most powerful concept you can teach your patients—the Maintenance-Problem-Crisis (M-P-C) principle—so they bring their families in for care and put you on their health care team.

If something requires maintenance and is neglected, it invariably develops a problem given enough time. Problems in the spine are always silent. When the damage from the problem hits a threshold, a crisis stage occurs­­­, causing pain. Symptoms are problems that have reached the crisis stage. The key fundamental is to motivate patients to maintain their spinal alignment to prevent problems (subluxations) and crisis (symptoms).

When patients understand the M-P-C principle, they comprehend the importance of family wellness and bring their children in to maintain their spine before they develop the problems the parents are experiencing.

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Size: 18″x24″

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