Physical Examination (eForm)

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This all-inclusive form covers vitals, systems, chiropractic and postural exams, orthopedic tests for every joint, and neurological exams (including sensation, dermatome, cranial, and circumferential extremity testing). The last page gives you a step-by-step easy-to-follow initial assessment to fill out. It includes X-ray findings, diagnosis/assessment, treatment plan with adjustment frequency, rehab, therapy, orthopedic support, re-exams, functional deficits, complicating factors, goals, and prognosis. Not only is this form extremely easy to use, but it also helps keep you on track to make sure you cover all the fields needed for compliance.


This form will be branded with your clinic's contact information... you are purchasing the digital rights to print unlimited forms for your practice.


$59.00 (full digital rights)

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