Patient History (eForm)

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The problem with most patient-history forms is that they only provide for one main complaint, and each complaint must reveal OPQRST. Yet, most patients have two to three significant problems. The Certainty Patient History form provides areas for three complaints with easy-to-complete OPQRST fields that can be filled out by the patient. This saves you time, minimizes writing, and enhances quality communication time with the patient.

Certainty’s form also includes the patient’s past history, family history, social history, chiropractic history, and review of systems, allowing for maximum E/M coding. Best of all, the form formalizes the patient’s commitment to wellness care so you know exactly what your relationship is with the patient.

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This form will be branded with your clinic's contact information... you are purchasing the digital rights to print unlimited forms for your practice.

$69.00 (full digital rights)

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