Know Your Child’s Posture

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Know Your Child’s Posture is a catalyst for building a family practice. Parents, today, want the absolute best for their kids and they are looking for information that will help their offspring.

One look at this poster focuses your patients on the need to have their child’s spine and posture examined! It shows the relationships between the most common symptoms caused by postural distortions. The poster also illustrates what parents may perceive to be benign traumas but are actually postural habits leading to the development of poor posture and spinal problems. What’s more, it points out common conditions and symptoms of spinal misalignment that parents would not typically associate with subluxations.

Use this poster in your Report of Findings room, kids area, and adjusting rooms.  It is also great for spinal screenings and children’s expos. Your patients will undoubtedly read this poster since it concerns their children. Because it has impact, there is no need to suggest that they have their kids checked­­—they will ask you!

Item #P39 — $34.95
Size: 18″x24″

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