Advanced Training HSC Video Series - How To Do Progress Reports

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During a Progress Report, the D.C. presents the patient with findings from the re-exam and re-x-ray so they know where they are in their corrective-care program. This strengthens the patient’s commitment for maximum correction and maintenance care, which stimulates patient referrals. Learn the important elements of a Progress Report and the five things to cover when putting a patient on maintenance. They will help prevent patients from dropping out and will put you on your way to building a high-volume family maintenance practice.

The video “Role-play” on this DVD shows you exactly how Dr. Nikitow does a Progress Report. In the “Training” segment, you’ll see him train another doctor one-on-one in every strategy that he uses, fielding questions, and explaining how to deal with the patient doubts that come up in every practice.

Item #V06 

Running Time: 1 hours, 18 minutes
(Role-Play: 22 minutes, Training: 56 minutes)

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