Damaging Effects of Forward Head Brochure

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Automobile driving, backpacks, and the use of computers, cell phones, and video games have all contributed to make Forward Head Posture (FHP) one of the most common and most troublesome postural problems seen by chiropractors. Our FHP brochure helps D.C.s show patients how FHP is linked to headaches, TMJ, neck pain, low back pain, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and pinched nerves! This resource explains the damaging effects of FHP and strategically reveals the importance of chiropractic care for correction and prevention of FHP.

This is the first and best brochure on FHP in the chiropractic profession. When patients understand the damaging effects of FHP, they are quick to seek correction for themselves their families. Use these brochures together with our FHP poster for maximum effectiveness.

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