Certainty Networking Membership

Price: $ 5,000.00


The Certainty Networking Membership

Included Basic Benefits:

  • Free monthly video practice tip “Chiro-Practicality”
  • Tele-classes/Webinars attendance for $59
  • Free access to over 100 articles by Dr. Nikitow such as “12 Practice Killers” and “Patient Guidelines for Maximum Retention”
  • Personal live mentoring and training: $4,000 Nikitow clinic; $5000 your clinic
  • Access to online “how-to-use” product videos


  • Products ($3,365 total retail value)
  • In House Visit (Shadowing/Mentoring) – includes half day observation and Q&A session ($2500 retail value)
  • First Year Membership Included (worth $150/mo or $1200/yr if prepaid in full)
  • Certainty Network List
  • 20% off products in active membership
  • $100 off Certainty Seminars for you and staff
  • Your questions answered via video training or email by Dr. Nikitow
  • Access to the library of past questions and answers
  • View selected past speaking engagements, Certainty seminar modules, or training sessions
  • Access to the "Monthly Practice Tips" Library
  • FREE Tele-classes and Webinars ($720 value)

This premium membership entitles a doctor to $11,000+ of value in products, materials, seminars, education, and live mentoring from Certainty Chiropractic Products.


* Must qualify

Call 1-800-544-3884 to discuss which membership level is right for your practice.

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