Advanced Training Home Study Course

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If you don’t have time to travel or don’t want to invest dollars on personal or group consulting but desire to build your practice in a systematic way, then the Certainty Advanced Training Home Study Course is for you.

At Dr. Nikitow’s seminars, doctors often ask if his powerful training is available in a format that would allow them to continue learning at home. Certainty seminars present so much material so quickly and in so much depth that they wanted to be able to study it over time and refer back to it when necessary. This is why Dr. Nikitow designed the Certainty Advanced Training Home Study Course. Using this course material will help you build a stable high-volume family wellness practice, where people are willing to pay cash regardless of insurance reimbursement or the economic environment. Join the thousands of D.C.s who have secured their future with a practice based on Certainty.

Quotes from D.C.s who have used the Certainty Advanced Training Home Study Course:

  • “It’s like having Dr. Nikitow right there with you every minute, training you.”
  • “Dr. Nikitow shows you exactly what he does every day. It’s like standing there with him and his staff — watching them.”
  • “Each step-by-step procedure has a role-play DVD where you can see exactly how it’s done and a training DVD where Dr. Nikitow explains why it’s done that way. He answers every question and scenario we would ask him as doctors — Awesome!”
  • “Everything is demonstrated step-by-step. It’s like painting by numbers!”
  • “Every form, pamphlet, poster, procedure and repositioning mindset is provided in this course”
  • “Everyone learns at a different rate. It’s really valuable to be able to study and learn at your own pace and focus on improving on your weakest areas by spending more time on them and returning to them over and over.”

Dr. Nikitow’s Home Study Practice

DVDs—Ten in all

  • How To Do a History and Exam – 1st Visit *
  • The Pre-Report of Findings
  • How To Do a Report of Findings – 2nd Visit *
  • How To Do Payment Plans *
  • How To Do Re-Exams
  • How To Do a Progress Report
  • Pre-Progress Report (For Patient Viewing)
  • How To Do Postural and Spinal Correction Rehab
  • How To Do Spinal Screenings
  • Chiropractic Orientation Class:  “Maximizing Your Success With Your Chiropractic Program”  (Live Presentation)

*Includes Instructional Workbook

Audio CDs—Five in all

  • Practicing with Certainty
  • The Magic of Mastering Patient Communications
  • The 10 Secrets of repositioning Chiropractic
  • The Common-Sense Approachto Consistent Cash New Patients
  • Managing Patients and Keeping them Focused

PowerPoint Presentation Slide Shows

  • Chiropractic Orientation Class:   “Maximizing Your Success With Your Chiropractic Program” 
  • The Secrets to Beating Stress and Living Healthier

Adjusting With Certainty

  • Five-hour instructional training on DVD
  • 100-page manual with set-ups
  • FREE 90-minute bonus DVD with instructional training on adjusting children and babies

Full-Sized Posters—40 in all

  • Spinal Maintenance
  • As Your Subluxations are Leaving Your Health is Returning
  • Subluxations
  • Kids Don’t Only Look Like You From the Outside
  • Who’s Missing on Your Healthcare Team?
  • Carpal Tunnel & Double Crush Syndrome
  • Kids & Chiropractic Research
  • Know Your Child’s Posture
  • Why Look at Posture
  • Possible Effects of Subluxations
  • Mechanics of a Whiplash
  • Spinal Maintenance Requires 4 Things
  • Alignment Improves Function
  • Is Your Child’s Wellness Care Complete?
  • Cervical Subluxations Research
  • Thoracic Subluxations Research
  • Lumbar Subluxations Research
  • Three Phases of Spinal Degeneration
  • Forward Head Posture
  • 11 Rehab Posters

X-Ray Testimonial Mini Posters—24 in All

Research Mini Posters—49 in All

Brochures—100 each of 24 titles

  • Chiropracticality Series (5 Titles): Subluxations; The Four Essentials of Health; The Two Types of Chiropractors; Chiropractic the Affordable Way; The Importance of Spinal Maintenance
  • Certainty Research Series (3 Titles): Cervical Medical Research on the Spine; Thoracic Medical Research on the Spine; Lumbar Medical Research on the Spine
  • Condition Series (2 Titles): Forward Head Posture; Carpal Tunnel & Double Crush Syndrome
  • ChiroCise™ Series (11 Titles): Ankle/Foot; Carpal Tunnel & Double Crush Syndrome; Core; Elbow/Wrist; Hip; Knee; Neck; The Workplace; Shoulder; Lower Back; Kids’ Spine and Posture
  • ChiroMetrex™ Series (3 Titles): Cervical; Thoracic; Pelvic

Certainty Research Book

Documentation Office Forms—100 each of 10 forms

  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Daily Visit Notes
  • Diagnosis Record
  • Initial Visit Notes
  • Kinesiological Exam
  • Patient History
  • Physical Exam
  • Posture & Muscular Health Analysis
  • Radiology Report
  • Re-Exam Notes

Item #HSC — $2,495

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