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The Certainty Networking Membership

Certainty Networking Membership is the best way to learn and implement Dr. Nikitow’s practice success in your own practice. This program gives you all the tools you need to grow your business successfully. You will have access to Dr. Nikitow for questions and become a part of the Certainty Network Community to share ideas together. Certainty’s Network Membership subscribers are given a special login to access numerous other valuable Certainty benefits and tools, see below for all the benefits and resources

Non-members are also welcome to portions of this Web site, including the monthly practice tip called Chiro-Practicality. Non-members can also purchase any of Certainty’s patient and practice tools as well as doctor and staff training materials. 


BASIC (no cost):

  • Free monthly video practice tip “Chiro-Practicality”
  • Tele-classes/Webinars attendance for $59
  • Free access to over 100 articles by Dr. Nikitow such as “12 Practice Killers” and “Patient Guidelines for Maximum Retention”
  • Personal live mentoring and training: $4,000 Nikitow clinic; $5000 your clinic
  • Access to online “how-to-use” product videos

PREMIUM: $5,000 initial fee

Includes Basic benefits plus:

  • Products ($3,365 total retail value)
  • In House Visit (Shadowing/Mentoring) – includes half day observation and Q&A session ($2500 retail value)
  • First Year Membership Included (worth $150/mo or $1200/yr if prepaid in full)
  • Certainty Network List
  • 20% off products in active membership
  • $100 off Certainty Seminars for you and staff
  • Your questions answered via video training or email by Dr. Nikitow
  • Access to the library of past questions and answers
  • View selected past speaking engagements, Certainty seminar modules, or training sessions
  • Access to the "Monthly Practice Tips" Library
  • FREE Tele-classes and Webinars ($720 value)

This premium membership entitles a doctor to $11,000+ of value in products, materials, seminars, education, and live mentoring from Certainty Chiropractic Products.

* Must qualify

Call 1-800-544-3884 to discuss which membership level is right for your practice.

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