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Certainty Seminars for Chiropractic Schools and Colleges

(90-minute to 3-hour seminars)

As a guest speaker at your assembly, Dr. Nikitow will motivate students on how to build a chiropractic practice with CERTAINTY.

Key points teach the students how to communicate modern chiropractic philosophy supported by medical research, how to reposition people’s beliefs about chiropractic so they put you on their health care team for their entire family, the secrets behind developing a successful subluxation-based family wellness practice that is CASH driven instead of insurance dependent, techniques for total spinal correction and rehabilitation, and the communication strategies you need to convert the optimum spinal alignment needed for maximum health potential.

To discuss the possibilities for bringing a Certainty seminar to your school or college, call 800-544-3884 or click here to send an email to Certainty Customer Service.

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