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Welcome to Certainty Chiropractic Consulting!

You are about to embark on a chiropractic journey to Certainty. It can be short, where you sample some of our practice procedures, pick-up timely practice tips, and access research articles, practice and patient materials, and more.

Or, your journey to Certainty can be a longer trip of discovery, where you learn how to communicate with your patients, dispel their long-held myths about chiropractic and establish sincere doctor-to-patient communication that leads to long-term acceptance, trust, and respect. Having certainty in what you do will help you connect with your patients, adding value to your services as you become an accepted part of their health-care team.

You will be better able to educate them about chiropractic and be more confident in your manipulations, which will empower them to become advocates for you and for family health maintenance through chiropractic.

X-Ray Testimonial Mini-Posters

Testimonials are potent marketing tools because they are based on real results! The patients’ own words are powerful motivators. They explain their problems, how they felt, their experiences with other treatments, and most importantly, how chiropractic helped them.  People believe their peers and what they say about results. With personal testimonials, there is no “selling.” Instead, there is merely “telling.”

By showing before and after x-rays of spines that have been corrected and various conditions that have been treated, you will:

  • Increase patient certainty for chiropractic care
  • Establish uniqueness as a D.C. who actually corrects the spine rather than just treating symptoms
  • Increase referrals

Remember, there are three things necessary for maximizing a patient’s perceived value for chiropractic so they will start care, bring their families, and put you on their health care team:

  1. Explanation of the philosophy and principles of chiropractic (see Certainty patient education Posters and Pamphlets)
  2. Presentation of medical research to support the philosophy and principles, add credibility, and increase patient trust (see Certainty Research Brochures, Posters, Mini-Posters, and Accumulated Research Volume)
  3. Testimonials of other patients’ successes for overall health and wellness achieved through chiropractic care
    X-Ray Testimonial Posters)

If you do not feel confident in achieving the patient spinal corrections described in our testimonial posters, order our Adjusting with Certainty DVDs. Dr. Nikitow will teach you how within 24 hours—Guaranteed!



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Certainty can be your constant guiding force to a high-retention family practice. Here's why:


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